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 "Blockchain Technology: Concept and Future Applications in Educational Institutions and Libraries" Webinar

On Line

Webinar themes​

  • Blockchain and its application mechanisms
  • The relation between blockchain and FinTech
  • Blockchain platforms and institutional solutions
  • Fields where blockchain technology can be applied in educational institutions and libraries
  • Challenges and obstacles facing blockchain applications

Webinar​ Speaker​

Dr. Ghassan Rashed Alnwaimi 

  • CEO of Prince Khaled Al Faisal digital library. 
  • Vice-Dean of Library Affairs, King Abdulaziz University and assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering. 
  • Vice-President of the IEEE’s Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS). 
  • Specialist in artificial intelligence and its applications in telecommunications. 
  • Researcher in teaching and learning technologies, and a founder of several initiatives and digital platforms. 
  • Member of various associations and committees, author of a number of published papers and articles, and peer reviewer at several academic journals

Target Audience

  • Specialists, professionals and stakeholders interested in libraries and information.