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 "Knowledge Management: Innovation in the Face of Disruption" Webinar

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At the beginning of the year, APQC surveyed its knowledge management audience about the technology and business changes affecting their organizations, and about what they are doing to keep KM at the cutting edge. Now, with the current global disruption due to the pandemic, this webinar will share highlights from the research, along with stories of how leading KM programs are navigating the current wave of digital, business and market disruptions.
As unprecedented as the global COVID-19 crisis is, the jarring changes we’re experiencing right now are actually something we’ve been practicing for, without knowing it. We live in a world and a business environment defined by disruption and rapid evolution. While today’s presentation isn’t just about the pandemic, we’ll talk through what KM needs to do to navigate disruption and help our colleagues and organizations through it.


  • Ado​pting New Technology
     Broad technology changes affecting KM
      Wave 1: cloud & mobile
    Wave 2: cognitive & AI
  • Responding to Rapid Change
    Business & workforce shifts
    Established & innovative techniques
    Skills for success
  • KM’s Role Right Now
    Align with the current reality
    Insert KM at the “teachable moment”
    Determine additional necessary actions

ًWebinar​ Moderator​s

​Ms. Cindy Hubert
  • Executive Director, Client Solutions, APQC
  • Over her more than 20 years with APQC, Ms. Cindy has helped innovate, develop and implement APQC’s KM methodologies. In 2007, she led the development and implementation of APQC’s Levels of Knowledge Management Maturity® framework.
  • Prior to her current role, Ms. Cindy was APQC’s executive director of advisory services and director of knowledge management and learning. She has provided subject-matter expertise in APQC’s extensive KM research program, which has completed more than 35 collaborative research projects and eight Advanced Working Groups on various KM topics.

Ms. Lauren Trees
  • Principal Research Lead, Knowledge Management, APQC
  • Ms. Lauren is a regular contributor to APQC’s Knowledge Management blog and organizes monthly webinars on these topics for APQC members and subscribers. She has served as research lead for two large-scale APQC Best Practices Studies: “Transferring and Applying Critical Knowledge” and “Connecting People to Content”.
  • Ms. Lauren holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Brown University, where she graduated and won prizes in literature and music.

Target Audience

  • Heads of government and private organizations, and academics in the GCC and MENA region.
  • KM specialists interested in best practice applications.
  • The national vision realization office staff.
  • KM units within government and private organizations in the GCC and MENA region.