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 Naseej Academy Concludes its “Employing ‘RealSense’ Technology within Adaptive Learning Environments” Webinar

​While "RealSense" technology is known to some educational personnel and staff working in the field of digital content development, to many people it is a totally new technology. Given the importance of this cutting-edge concept and its close connection with adaptive learning and virtual environments in the educational arena, Naseej Academy organized an online webinar titled "Employing 'RealSense' Technology within Adaptive Learning Environments," held on February 17, 2021.

"RealSense" is a smart technology that employs audio-visual-emotional components to make the characters used in adaptive learning environments more appealing and attractive to learners interacting with that environment.

The exciting presentations enabled by this emerging technology prompted several questions from the webinar audience, such as: Is every adaptive system a smart system? What is adaptive learning? What do we mean by "RealSense"? These questions, and others, were all addressed during the distinguished two-hour presentation.

The webinar was moderated by Dr. Khaled Fargoun, Professor and Head of Educational Technology, former Dean and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Helwan University, and holder of an M.A. and a Ph.D. in information and educational technology from Cologne University, Germany. Dr. Fargoun has helped to organize a number of conferences, forums and workshops in Egypt and abroad. He is the author of around 60 research papers, working papers and books on educational technology and digital advances.

Dr. Fargoun outlined the various contexts where "RealSense" technology is used in smart adaptive learning environments. He also elaborated on how a character's audio-visual expressions attract learners to interact with it based on their current readiness and experience, thus minimizing their sense of alienation and making them feel a part of the environment itself. In addition, Dr. Fargoun explained the concept and characteristics of smart adaptive environments, and discussed the role and components of this technology in enhancing such virtual environments and their smart learning resources, and in developing the overall educational process.


The webinar was judged a remarkable success and was highly appreciated by the audience, which included renowned professionals and researchers working in educational and library technologies at various educational institutions, postgraduate students in library and education technology departments, and instructors interested in leveraging the latest technologies in the educational process. Participants were updated on the most appropriate technologies for creating appealing human expressions in order to attract learners in adaptive learning environments. They were also briefed on the role of "RealSense" technology and its audio-visual components, in addition to many other relevant concepts.


To watch the recorded webinar:

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Naseej Academy organized an online webinar titled “Employing ‘RealSense’ Technology within Adaptive Learning Environments,” held on February 17, 2021. 1 Yes