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 Naseej Academy Concludes its Webinar Entitled “Intelligent Digital Transformation within Libraries is a Step for Educational Empowerment”

​The concept of digital transformation is confusing. Many information managers believe that “digital transformation” has to do with disseminating digital technologies while transforming manual and analogue operations into digital ones. In fact, the term “digital” itself is confusing, as it steers the conversation towards technology and raises several questions in library environments, particularly in regard to library operations: What is the relevance of such operations in the digital age? Are libraries smart enough to adapt quickly to existing and prospective users’ needs? Do library staff, service providers and the IT department speak the same language, or is there the potential for miscommunication, which could lead to costly and inadequate services and projects, and to solutions that add no real value?

To provide an answer to such digital transformation-centered questions, Naseej Academy organized an online webinar entitled “Intelligent Digital Transformation within Libraries is a Step for Educational Empowerment,” held on January 25, 2021.

The webinar was moderated by Prof. Dr. Khaled Fargoun, Professor and Head of Educational Technology, former Dean and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education at Helwan University, and the holder of an M.A. and a Ph.D. in information and educational technology from the University of Cologne, Germany. Dr. Fargoun has contributed to organizing a number of conferences, forums and workshops in Egypt and abroad, and has authored about 60 research papers, working papers and books on educational technology and digital advances.
In his research work, Dr. Fargoun has studied smart digital transformation in libraries as a step towards educational empowerment. Such transformation is achieved by means of a smart visitor behavior analysis system linked to wearable devices, as well as a smart technology-based interactive communications system. These systems create continuous learning by adapting operations and assets to boost business and operational efficiency, which enhances client value and reduces compliance and security risks.

During the webinar, Dr. Fargoun made a detailed presentation on the role of educational technologies in the digital transformation of libraries, which are a key pillar in the education process to secure educational empowerment. The participants learned about the latest developments in the use of digital transformation in education, and about the different components of smart digital transformation used to achieve educational empowerment in libraries. Dr. Fargoun also explained how participants could leverage these concepts and models in other fields, bearing in mind that digital transformation – in its essence – goes beyond mere digitization, while analyzing the new advancements to identify those that are most suitable for libraries.

The webinar was judged a great success by the appreciative audience, which included professionals and researchers in educational and library technologies from elite educational institutions, as well as postgraduate students from various library and education technology departments. Audience participation was spirited, due in part to Dr. Fargoun’s highly engaging and accessible presentation. Among the topics touched on were the participants’ differing requirements in terms of digital transformation, which has become a pressing necessity imposed by the COVID-19 crisis. 

The webinar concluded with an interactive discussion during which participants asked many questions in order to obtain as much information as possible from such a knowledgeable and experienced moderator. 
It is worth noting that the webinar also provided participants with a unique opportunity to consider their services, operations and approaches in order to determine their institutions’ digital maturity and preparedness to build digital transformation plans through emerging technologies, and to determine their impact on processes and the status of their information technology.

To watch the recorded webinar:

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Naseej Academy organized an online webinar entitled “Intelligent Digital Transformation within Libraries is a Step for Educational Empowerment,” held on January 25, 2021. 1 Yes